Since 1991 to the present time LUCH Ltd. has approved itself as a company that has experience in servicing of the electrical energy facilities of the large enterprise customers in the Eastern part of Ukraine and Russia.

The staff potential of the company arose from the specialists of various companies existed prior to the 1990s and Elektroyuzhmontazh Group.

One important area of services of LUCH Ltd is repair of the transformers of any types and capacities.

Transformers pass complete modernization, all complex of restoration work, namely:

  • revision of the active part;
  • drying of the active part of the thermal diffusion method with washing isolation from aging products for power transformers over 10,000 kVA;
  • performance of winding hydraulic jacks;
  • revision of the transformer earthing;
  • revision of mounting and isolation taps;
  • adjustment of the contact connections;
  • removal of the protective pipe and installation a safety valve 50 kPa;
  • replacement of the gates for connecting radiators, filters and dehydrating filter breather by hermetic rubber-coated ones;
  • replacement of the oil sight glass, thermal indicator;
  • replacement of all rubber seals;
  • surface treatment of the transformer tank and all nodes sandblasted with further priming and painting;
  • commissioning.

After repairs the transformers are completed according to the customer needs with new instruments of protection and control.

Our company has:

  • all necessary licenses to perform the activity;
  • production capacities for repair of thee transformers of any types and sizes;
  • the latest technological equipment for the repair of power transformers;
  • qualified personnel with extensive experience.

Achieved level of technical resources, staff qualifications and own experience have enabled us to organize the production of process equipment for the repair of any power and voltage transformers.

Technical solutions used in the creation of equipment are intellectual property, which is confirmed by patents issued in Ukraine and in Russia.

We are always ready to one-off or better long-term cooperation with any interested party, both in Ukraine and abroad.