LUCH Ltd using in their work accredited by the possibility of an electrical laboratory, equipped with modern technical equipment, staffed by highly qualified personnel, willing to cooperate and provide services in:

  • Set-up and commissioning of the electrical equipment of industrial facilities, agricultural companies and transformer substations, including network ones.
  • Revision and repair of the technical characteristics of the high-voltage electrical equipment and transformers.
  • The primary, preventive and post-repair testing of electrical equipment and issuance of documentation.
  • Setting up the remote control systems and high-frequency communication, incl. power transmission lines.
  • Setting up the AMR (automated control and accounting of electricity).
  • Adjustment of the emergency recording transformer substations.
  • Adjustment of control systems at the transformer substations.
  • Expert inspection (technical diagnostics) of the electrical equipment up to and above 1000 V (inclusive up to 750 kV).

High professionalism of the staff, quality, timing, warranty, credibility allow us to have a number of customers:
Ukraine: Corporation Elektroyuzhmash (Kharkov), Energoresurs (Kharkov), Kharkovoblenergo (Kharkov), Scorpion-RP Ltd (Kharkov), Nalko (Mariupol), Krona Company (Kharkov), Kharkovskiy Plitochny Zavod (Kharkov), Beltsem (Kharkov), Podolsky Cement (Khmelnitsky), Kharkov International Airport (Kharkov), Dergachevskiy Motorostroitelny Zavod (Kharkov), Kharkovgazdobucha (Kharkov), KhEMZ (Kharkov), Kharkovsky Podshipnikovy Zavod (Kharkov), Energomashina Ltd. (Kharkov), Elektromash (Kharkov), Kharkovskiy Zavod Pischevykh Kislot (Kharkov), Kupyansky Liteiny Zavod (Kharkov oblast), Obsluzhivanie Vozdushnogo Dvizhenia Ukrainy (Kharkov).
CIS Countries: Energoalyans (Moscow, Russia), JFS-LTD (Jeskazgan, Kazakhstan), Kurchatovskoe Upravlenie – affiliate of Elektrotsentromontazh (Kursk, Russia), Lipetskenergo (Lipetsk, Russia), Novomoskovskoe Upravlenie – affiliate of Elektrotsentrmontazh (Tula, Russia), Belgorodmontazhnaladka (Belgorod, Russia).

Expanding the scope of activity, LUCH Ltd has created a subsidiary - MUR, which is equipped with the latest technical equipment and staffed with staff of experienced professionals.

MUR is ready to cooperate with all interested companies to provide services and performance of high hazard:
Permission № 1145.05.30 – 74.30.0 as of 10.05.05 :           

1.  Nondestructive Method of Testing:

  • Visual and optical;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Capillary;
  • Magnetic;
  • Destructive testing;
  • Hardness measurement.

2. Technical diagnosis (expert examination).

3. Technical Inspection (excl. the primary and in the case of extraordinary termination deadline exploitation of an accident) of the following equipment:

  • Steam boilers and water heaters;
  • Pressure vessels;
  • Steam and hot water;
  • Cranes (except for technical inspection);
  • Lifts;
  • Bearing and protecting metal.

Permission №846.05.30 – as of 14.04.05. 

Technical Inspection (excl. the primary and in the case of extraordinary termination deadline exploitation of an accident):

  • Bridge cranes carrying capacity up to 250 t
  • Gantry crane with capacity of up to 100 t
  • Self-propelled boom crane lifting capacity of up to 100 t
  • Tower cranes carrying capacity up to 25 t
  • Gantry cranes carrying capacity up to 25 t
  • Crane rail capacity up to 100 t
  • Cranes - beams, electric hoists capacity of up to 12.5 t.