Rigging is a package of measures aimed at raising the variety of goods for the purpose of loading or unloading. Unlike conventional handling, rigging services require the use of special tools and mechanisms. Traditionally, such works are used for loading or unloading of large or heavy loads, weight and configuration which make it impossible to perform these operations manually.

One of the main applications of this type of work is transportation equipment for industrial use. Rigging equipment is used not only to facilitate the task of loaders. Loading machines, benches, conveyors and other elements of production lines with the use of rigging requires precise organization of the process; it gives positive effect on the timing of work, and ensures the safety of the expensive equipment.

Nowadays the professional rigging of the equipment demands in almost all sectors, from the metallurgical complex to the food industry. In addition rigging can be used for transportation of safe boxes, oversized musical instruments, commercial equipment and other goods.
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LUCH Ltd offers its services of experienced professionals engaged in rigging. Our staff features high level professionalism, experience and well-equipped with all necessary equipment to provide the highest quality of work.
The list of rigging services includes unloading, feeding, movement of:

  • Industrial equipment;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Commercial equipment;
  • Server hardware;
  • Safe boxes and ATMs;
  • Other oversized cargoes.