LUCH Ltd was founded in 1991 on the basis of affiliate LUCH (Novosibirsk, Russia). Its founders were engineer electrician.

By the time of the foundation of the company, its entire staff had already extensive experience in the field of electronics and energy.

Human resource potential of the company formed from specialists of different companies existed prior to the 90s within Elektroyuzhmontazh.

Over the years LUCH Ltd develops long-term business relations with many domestic and foreign companies.


LUCH Ltd is one of the leading companies in the Eastern region of Ukraine, carrying out design, electrical installation and commissioning as a whole.

From 1991 to the present time, LUCH Ltd has established itself as a company which has experience in servicing the electrical energy facilities and large enterprise customers in the Eastern region of Ukraine and Russia. Having a strong industrial and technological base for work, qualified personnel, using new technologies with modern materials, the company can simultaneously coordinate the management of multiple projects.


Our company provides design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of power facilities, is composed of an electrical laboratory with the right to perform tests and measurements in electrical voltage up to 1000 V and higher (up to 750 kV).

Our work is under control of State Energy Supervision, without substantive comments. That indicates good quality of work and meets the requirements of the Electrical installation code  and other regulatory documents.

One of the main activities of the company is repair of transformers of any types and capacities.

Transformers complete redesign фтв the entire reconstruction:

- Revision of the active part of the rise of the bell;

- Drying of the active part, power transformers up to 1000 kVA, thermal diffusion method with washing isolated from the products of aging;

- Drying of the active part, transformers up to 1000 kVA in thermal vacuum furnace;

- Preform winding small-sized hydraulic jacks with a manual oil station;

- Check the transformer earthing;

- Check mounting and isolation taps;

- Adjust the contact connections OLTC RS-4;

- Dismantling the safety tube and embedding safety valve of 50 kPa;

- Replacement of valves for connecting radiators of the dehydrating filter breather and expander to the sealed rubber-coated ones;

- Replacement of the oil sight glass, thermal indicators;

- Adjust the contactor OLTC RS-4;

- Replace all rubber seals;

- Sand blasting surfaces of the transformer tank and all nodes, priming and painting;

- Adjustment works.

After repairs the transformers complete according to customer’s order with new protection and control equipment.

Achieved level of technical resources, staff qualifications and experience have enabled us to organize the production of equipment for the repair of transformers of any power and voltage.


 Some of the technical solutions used in the creation of equipment are protected intellectual property, which is confirmed by patents issued both in Ukraine and in Russia.

Another service of the company is installation, commissioning and repair of the rejectors OT 600; OT 630; OT 1250.

Оборудование, которое мы ремонтируем, проходит полный комплекс восстановительных работ (ремонт и наладку элементов настройки, выше перечисленных заградителей с заменой элементов) в т.ч.:

The equipment that we repair, runs a full range of restoration works (repair and adjustment of the setting items, the rejectors mentioned above, with replacement of the elements) incl .:

1 Complete dismantling HF-rejectors,

2 Stripping the insulation strips,

3 Double impregnation of insulating strips with the bakelite laquuer,

4 Double coating insulating strips,

5 Sandblasting of the bearing parts and painting,

6 Replacement fasteners,

7 Assembling HF-rejectors,

8 Replacing the capacitors in the element settings,

9 Adjustment of minelayer insertion impedance in the frequency 50-800 kHz.

Qualified personnel of LUCH Ltd trained at the factory and performs a full scan of the HF channel, which includes:

RF cable – MTF (modulation transfer function) - minelayer - coupling capacitor – ETL (electric transmission line) - coupling capacitor - minelayer - MTF - HF cable, with normalized attenuation band. HF laboratory specialists have at their disposal all the necessary appliances and a certified HF lab.

The warranty on refurbished rejectors is provided for 18 months. Lifespan as per GOST. All work is regulated by the technical documentation.

Technical and human resources of the company:

• Mounting section staff consists of 42 qualified people, equipped with modern mounting and power tools.

• The transformers repair section staff consists of 15 skilled workers.

• The production unit for electrical products, electrical equipment and installation pieces was put into operation in 2006, with staff of 18 qualified people.

• Fleets, special mechanisms and repair area (hydraulic lifts, cranes, cargo and passenger vehicles, household premises of container type).

• The sector of production and technological integration, having in its composition warehouses, which provide 100% complete set of the objects with domestic and foreign production materials.

• Project Office - 6 specialists.

• The sector of commissioning, providing turnkey basis of the electrical parts of the objects up to 110 kV and above.


Our advantages or why you choose our company:

- Guarantee of quality and service.

- Experience.

- Stability and confidence in the future.

- High qualification of engineers and installers.

- Complete solution, individual approach and full support of the customers.

- Delivery of electrical equipment and materials at affordable prices.


The future plans of LUCH Ltd is the introduction to the foreign markets.

LUCH Ltd is a stable company with the best professional and structural composition, large enough portfolio and a large bank of completed projects.